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March 18, 2004



Excellent. Really a time to choose.

One point of terminology: There seems to be some confusion among the S.D. blogs about editorial, commentary, op-ed, report, etc.

Allow me to draw on my former journalism career to explicate.

Paul Weyrich's piece cited here is a column, an opinion piece, an op-ed. It is not an editorial. An editorial refers to an official statement of newspaper policy, usually published anonymously. That is to say, to refer to the Weyrich column as an editorial suggests it's a newspaper endorsement of a particular position. That, it is not. (Weyrich is, of course, a long-time, hard-core conservative activist.)

The Argus-Leader's Kranz, I gather, writes both columns -- which imply some opinion or analysis -- and straight news. Of course, one of his problems is his failure to distinguish between opinion and reporting.

Anyway, it's useful to keep these distinctions straight. While readers often do not differentiate, journalists do, and they'll be less likely to take criticism seriously if the terms are confused.

Hope that wasn't too pedantic. Great job, DVT.


No one will end this election cycle, thankfully, not knowing Daschle's true stand on life issues. It may be the first time he doesn't get away with the false, pro-life front.


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