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February 29, 2004


Brad S

I always though a progressive and savvy woman like Stephanie Herseth should not even be wasting her time running for a SD congress seat, and this stand for the FMA proves it. Frankly, she should be either in DC or living in another, more progressive state where she could be more useful toward the Dems.

This does not explain Johnson's behavior, though. What's he worried about?


What a joke. These folks are all over the map, because like liars they know deception is a lot more complicated than simple truth. The first comment makes clear that Herseth is being a complete hypocrite and is saying not what she wants to see happen but shaving her beliefs just enough to get elected.

That's not Democracy, that a sophisticated con game. How foolish do they think the people are?

Hopefully, the con game with Daschle and Herseth both will be busted and honest Representatives who actually say what they believe will be elected.

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