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February 22, 2004


american male

Disclaimer: This is not a practical answer to Iraq, but a frustrated emotional response/comment.

Life's too short,
The world's too small,
If they won't submit,
Just kill them all.

I'm tired of these little Iraqi shits. Kill the clerics - stamp out their fucking religion - that's the problem. Actually, kill them all - that's the way that Genghis Khan and the Mongol Hordes did it. Their method was very effective and nobody gave them any shit. You expect me to sit by and say "that's ok" when they are killing OUR people? Time to throw out the rules boys and girls - that means sorry, kill them all and let God - or Allah - sort them out.

Of course, I realize we cannot do things this way, but that is how I feel. Good thing we don't just do what we feel, huh? Apparently there are a lot of Iraqis that do - they are the bad guys shooting at the good guys and blowing themselves up to kill the good guys. Everyone has their own opinion who is bad and who is good - of course - just like everyone has their own nose.


The cost of Iraq is $ 4.7 Billion a month according to the Pentagon.
What could we do with $4.7 Billion per month with Taxpayers money with out this war?

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